Thursday, May 8, 2014

Graphic designs for the Community !

Hello everyone !
I've been wanting to tell you about this 3 weeks ago but I have just been to busy stressing about the IGCSE...
As you all know, I joined the Freedom! network and I decided to give back to this amazing community by offering my services as an (amateur) graphic designer for channel arts, banners, profile pictures, and pretty much anything. The replies I got were just tremendous ! So I was thinking about what I could do to try and get to everyone, and then it hit me: A GRAPHIC DESIGN TEAM ! Like seriously, why didn't I think of that before ? This brings us to where we are now, I am looking for people from any level, as long as you have creativity ! It doesn't matter if you just started working on Photoshop (or any other software) because I will teach you my tips and tricks for making better GFX ! I'm not saying I am the best out there, but I am willing to share my knowledge with any of you who joins the team. 
We are mainly focused on:
- Youtube channel arts
- Youtube profile pictures
- Youtube end card
- Youtube thumbnails
- Twitch offline screen
- Twitch banner
- Any kind of technology related logo

If any of you are interested, please add me on skype by saying: "hey Astinax, I'm interested in the GFX team you're constituting !" and I will reply as soon as possible !

Love you all ;)
- Astinax