Sunday, November 23, 2014

Traditional Chinese Medicine Project

Hey guys !

Welcome back for another little blog update.  Basically, what has been going on is that, I am starting to have a little trouble in the scientific classes (math, biology, chemistry, physic) but oddly, I'm doing good in all the other classes. Additionally, from the 3rd of December to the 10th is going to be my mock exams week. In other words, I have to revise all the stuff we have done at school since the beginning of the year, so that definitely means a lot of work.

I'm also working on my TPE project which counts towards my final grade for the baccalaureate. Basically this is a project that we do per group and the subject can be anything we want. The key thing with it is creativity. Obviously, we chose to do a video because french people are not real 'techies' so they will probably be really impressed by the production quality even if it isn't 'television standards'. We could say that I'm a smart kid....
If you guys are wondering, I chose to go for traditional Chinese medicine as a subject, and how it can help against modern day viruses. During the vacation I spent a whole week going to Shanghai, Beijing and Wudang Shan to interview people, film footage of scenery and other stuff for the project. I think it's gonna come out pretty well ! If any of you guys are interested I'll gladly make a version with English subtitles, you'll be surprised at how the Chinese civilization was so developed when the westerners were running around fighting dragons and burning 'witches'.

Anyway, I better go back to revising math stuff. Thanks for reading ! I'll try to post more often, but it's a bit hard...
Have a nice day,
- Astinax

Monday, November 3, 2014

[Injustice: Gods Among Us] Does Age Matter on Youtube ?

So I decided to make this video after I received an interesting channel review...

What do you think ? Tell me !