Thursday, May 8, 2014

Channel Trailer: ideas ?

Today, is a big day....
I passed the Reading Paper of the IGCSE ! It's the first one of the 3 exams, and yeah I have no idea of how I did, let's just hope it wasn't too bad. Especially, since I'm aiming for a British university. But that is not the point of today's blog entry.
I recently came across the Creator Academy Bootcamp on Youtube and one of the "lessons" talk about the Channel Trailer or the "welcome module" (or however you wanna call it) and currently on my channel it's set to be the first episode of my Bioshock Infinite series. However, I feel like it's probably not the best video, because it's a bit long and well it was my first video on my channel so my commentating skills weren't at their best. So I was thinking about maybe make a video which had a bit of every game that I play, and then say a few words about myself over it. But honestly, I can't come up with a creative way to do it... If any of you has an idea, to share, please do, it would greatly help me out :)