Monday, October 6, 2014


Hello there !

If you watched my Update Video #3 you probably already know that school is going to be a big deal this year. Luckily for me, I'm not that bad in school ! If any of you are interested I passed my IGCSE in english literature and language last year, I got A* in language and A in literature, didn't go too bad after all !

Anyway, now we're preparing for the International Option of the french baccalaureate, that means a whole new program completely different from the IGCSE one in english. We're currently reading Wuthering Heights... Has anyone ever understood what Joseph says in this book ? It's like freaking swedish !

Going away from my main point here, what I wanted to say was that I am starting to get back in the rythm of school and that I will resume my youtube upload schedule of 2 videos a week, one on monday and one on thursday !

I hope you guys enjoy this change, tell me in the comments !

Also, I will try writing a bit more on here, as it's getting quite empty.

Anyway, that's it for this little article (I feel like I'm ending it the same way as a video...)

If you enjoyed it don't forget to +1 it and check me out on youtube! (definitely am)

I wish you all a very nice day,

- Astinax

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