Thursday, May 29, 2014

Left my Building Team... Met a bunch of awesome people on youtube !

Hey guys !

As you all know, I make building guides on youtube and up until recently I was part of a building team. But sadly, this is not true anymore. This was mainly due to the fact that I had too much work, from school, music school and all that other real life stuff and I wanted to center myself around one thing: youtube.

Which brings us to our second topic, meeting people on the internet ! As you all know, I have a youtube channel, if you haven't already seen it here is it: and if you are a youtuber yourself, you will know that youtube is a fantastic tool to meet other people who have the same interest as you ! And I recently met a bunch of people on the internet, and we started a project called the GamePod; the concept in 2 words is: podcast and video games. We are still testing it out though, so any  feedback will be welcome ! Also, if any of you guys want to contact me for a project, networking, or even just to talk, feel free to message me on youtube !

On a more personal note, I started skateboarding again !

Anyway, that's it for this blog entry, I will try to post more, promise ! :)

Have a nice day, see you next time,

- Astinax