Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Applying as a game reviewer for the Arcade Pixels network !

Hello everyone !
I recently got Wasteland 2 as a giveaway by a network called Arcade Pixels and it happens that I also applied to be a reviewer at this network. So finally, I took the step and filmed a review for Wasteland 2. I will officially release it tomorrow probably morning if not afternoon for sure.
I will also submit it to Arcade Pixels as soon as it is released, because it will be their way of assessing my "reviewing" skills, so I really hope it's good enough !
Also, OMG just passed the IGCSE literature exam, a part of me literally died in that room... And of course I had to answer a "sympathize with" style of question when, of course, I have absolutely no sympathy for a piece of paper...
Apart from that, this week really has been a crazy one with all the exams from the music school and the IGCSE, and I'm surprised that I haven't skipped a video in my youtube schedule yet, so yeah I am pretty proud of myself :D

Until next time, have a nice day !
- Astinax